So you have an existing concrete patio or driveway, that is in good shape, but it just too small to meet your current needs? Don’t rule out having it resurfaced. Often times it can make sense dollar-wise to have some new concrete poured to achieve the space desired, and then have everything resurfaced so it all matches nicely.

The Client’s Small and Poorly Landscaped Patio

Consider two of our recent projects. Both clients had an exposed aggregate surface that was in decent shape with very few cracks. One had a patio and the other a driveway. Both were looking to make them bigger and more functional for their current needs.

In both cases, we were able to have the new concrete poured and then resurface everything, saving the each of the clients thousands of dollars over the cost of tearing out and replacing.

Stamped Resurfacing of an Aggregate Patio with and Addition.
The Client’s New Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

The patio was around 500 square feet. It was poorly landscaped and not very functional as an outside space. After contracting with a business associate to do the landscaping and new pour, we did a stamped overlay on the whole surface to really make it impressive. The only down side for the client, was that we had to wait 28 days for the new concrete to cure before we could install the stamped overlay. They probably saved over a $100 for each day they had to wait.

The client with the driveway was already using a gravel area for parking. Their current exposed aggregate was in decent shape, but had lost some of its curb appeal over the years.

The 2×4 expansion joints were rotten and like the client with the patio, they were considering some landscape upgrades. They had a block wall installed and they gravel area poured to extend the driveway.

After waiting 28 days again for the new concrete to cure, we resurfaced everything going with a broom finished overlay and a stamped border. Because we were resurfacing the stairs, the walkway and the porch, there was an even greater saving for the homeowners.

Aggregate Driveway with Gravel Parking Area

So if you have been considering making your concrete space larger, but have been wishing it had a different style of finish or was in better shape, perhaps an overlay can help you and save you some money in the process.

Resurfaced Driveway After Addition and Landscaping

*  New concrete and landscaping provided by:

Northwest Classics