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Monochromatic Epoxy

Monochromatic epoxy coatings aren’t always the most visually stunning floors to look at, however, they are a cost effective solution for those seeking the advantages of a coated floor without breaking the bank.

These floors typically consist of a multi-layer epoxy and urethane combination, but can be done in a single pour.   Polyaspartic formulations or fast set epoxies are used for quick return to service applications. 

100% solids epoxies are often used where a high build coating is desired.  They have no solvent to evaporate out as they cure.   This means they are the same thickness when cured as they are when applied.  Epoxy applications are typically top-coated with a urethane which offers better wear resistance, UV resistance, and chemical resistance.   Polyaspartics offer most of the same advantages as urethanes, with the added benefit of fast curing. They can be returned to service in as little as four hours.

Solid colored epoxy floors are seamless, and mold and mildew resistant.  They offer excellent stain resistance, and are available in food safe formulations.   Monochromatic epoxy coatings can be installed on concrete, wood, tile and other properly prepared substrates.   

These floors have a contemporary look and feel making them ideal for offices, galleries, and retail spaces, while the cost effectiveness and durability makes them the perfect choice for warehouses, industrial facilities, and food production plants.   

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