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Sealed Concrete

Sealed Concrete is simply a concrete surface which has been ground smooth and had clear sealer applied.  There are a variety of different sealer options including acrylic sealers, epoxies, and urethane coatings.  These floors require significantly less grinding than polished concrete, which makes them a more economical option without sacrificing durability.

Floors can often be ground to expose more aggregate if desired.  A wide selection of UV stable dyes and stains can also be used to add color.  This is done to the finish before the sealer is applied.  Final sealer top coats are available is gloss, satin, and matte finishes.  Anti-slip additives can also be used.  

Even with all the different options, the concrete itself in these floors, determines more about the final look, then anything else.

Sealed Concrete floors are mold and mildew resistant.  They offer excellent color retention as well. They can even be finished to offer high chemical resistance!  With the popularity of the ‘industrial’ look, it’s no wonder many offices, restaurants, galleries and even home-owners are opting for sealed concrete in their spaces.

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