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Epoxy Flake

Epoxy Flake floors or Full Chip Broadcast floors are a seamless flooring option that consists of layers of epoxy and full broadcast of decorative vinyl paint chips.  These floors mimic a granite or terrazzo look, and offer a durable, slip resistant surface. Chip Epoxy floors offer unlimited design capabilities. Customers can choose from hundreds of color combinations as well Micro (1/16”), Small (1/8”), and Large (1/4”) size flakes.

Epoxy flake floors consist of a primer coat, an epoxy coat which the flakes are then broadcast into, and an encapsulation coat or top coat.  Flakes offer the added durability of an aggregate layer in the floor.   This also adds texture to the finished surface, making it less slippery.  Installs can consist of a single broadcast or a double broadcast.  The double broadcast offers a higher build and a more durable coating. Top coats can be catered to site specific conditions.  Aggregates can be used for greater slip resistance.  They can also be installed with increased chemical resistance and increased UV stability.  Food safe anti-microbial options are also available for food production facilities.

The multi-colored pattern of these epoxy floors is great for camouflaging dirt and debris.  They offer great resistance to surface abrasion and hot tire pick up making them a popular choice for garages.

Epoxy Flake can also be used as a waterproofing system.  They meets ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA standards.  Typical applications include food production facilities, laboratories, restrooms, schools, locker rooms, clinical sites, veterinary offices, kennels, garages, or anywhere the substrate needs protection from medium to heavy use.

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