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Self-Leveling Concrete

Self-Leveling concrete overlays are polymer modified materials that have the ability to self-level with minimal or no troweling.  They can be applied in thin applications while maintaining a good bond with the substrate because of the added polymers. These materials can easily correct uneven floors or repair damaged concrete.  They can also provide a new suitable surface for decorative treatments or other types of traditional flooring such as tile, carpet, LVT and hardwoods.  Their fast curing properties make them an excellent choice for quick turn-around jobs.  In many cases they can be sealed in as little as two hours.  VCT or tile installations can proceed in as little as twelve hours.

Self –Leveling materials are often used to repair damaged or uneven floors.  They can be used for decorative purposes with the use of integral colors.  Aggregates can be added that are then exposed during polishing.  They can be saw cut or engraved.  They can takes stains and dyes.   They can even incorporate decorative inlays such as wood or metal.  Installations range from ¼” up to 2” in a single application.  They can go as thick as 5” with an aggregate additive.

There are two main types of self-leveling concrete overlay materials.  The first are those used as underlayments, where another coating or floor material will be installed over the self-leveling material and will serve as the finish floor.  These materials are cheaper, and often have a lower PSI strength than their counterparts, Polishable Self-Levelers.   

Polishable Self-Levelers have a high PSI, which can be 2-3 times that of traditional concrete.  They can be polished like traditional concrete, making that an option when the existing concrete substrate isn’t suitable.   And it can be done without the mess and expense of demolition.  

 These materials are great for covering wood, tile, or concrete.  They can be used in offices, warehouses, retail spaces, galleries, and utility rooms.   These installs are perfect for places requiring a smooth, sturdy, flat surface and are extremely versatile with finishing options like sealing, micro-topping, epoxy coating, or polishing.

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