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MMA or Methl-Methacrylates, in layman’s terms are actually transparent plastics.  Think Plexiglass.  ACRYLITE®, Lucite, and Perspex, are all brand names of various kinds of Methyl-Methacrylates.

 The unique properties of MMA’s naturally translated into the flooring industry.  They offer superior durability, multiple levels of slip resistance, as well as many different finishes, including colored resins, decorative flake and decorative quartz.    MMA floors can even be installed in cold temperature environments making them ideal for cold storage and freezers in food production facilities.

The incredibly fast return to service is one of the biggest factor that sets Methyl-Methacylates apart from other floor systems. They are ideal for locations that can’t shut down for extended lengths of time.   Fast track installations enable return to use in as little as 60 minutes.

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