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Concrete Overlays

Broom  Finish:

A broomed overlay is a cost effective way of resurfacing damaged walkways, driveways, parking lots, or pedestrian bridges. For new or old concrete surfaces that have been damaged, it is an economical way to repair the surface and make it look new again without the expense and hassle of tear out and replacement.  A broom finish polymer concrete overlay gives you the look of new broom finished concrete at a 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement, not to mention, without the hassles, jackhammer noise, or extended cure time of freshly poured concrete.

Integral color can be added, or they can be applied in a natural concrete color. A broom finish overlay also helps protect your concrete from damaging freeze-thaw cycles as well as salt damage. A sealer is added for extra resistance to dirt, oil, tire marks, and other contaminants.



Stamped overlays are a polymer modified concrete that once placed, can be stamped like traditional concrete.  A variety of textures, designs and patterns can be achieved using custom made stamps. The unique composition and installation process even allows for installation over sound wood sub-floors.  This is a cost effective alternative to replacing concrete simply to achieve a different look. It is also a viable, innovative alternative to conventional flooring products, that is both extremely durable and cost effective.

Stamped concrete overlays are typically used for restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, courtyards, showrooms and more.  


Spray On:

These polymer modified concrete materials are designed to be applied with a texture hopper or specialized spray gun.    A number of looks can be achieved including a knock down splatter texture or a super smooth thin finish that can be used to re-color existing stamped concrete or textured surfaces.  These materials tenaciously bond to properly prepared existing surfaces and can be used to renew or change the look of existing concrete.