Traditionally, the garage has been that place you park the car and store your sports equipment and those seldom used items like holiday decorations. Often they just get piled in a corner and are home to spiders and dust bunnies. But there is a growing trend of investing in the garage to make it a customized living space that is an extension of the house, reflecting the homeowner’s personality and suiting their individual needs. One of the most common garage upgrades is a concrete floor coating.

There are many advantages to having your concrete garage floor coated. For most people, the biggest is simply to change the appearance, getting rid of the dull gray concrete, hiding the cracks and covering the spots and stains with something aesthetically pleasing. For others who may stand on the feet working in their garage for hours, the right concrete coating can be a lifesaver for feet and backs.

Whether you choose a concrete overlay with a stain or dye, a basic epoxy flake floor, or some type of decorative epoxy coating, you can add some color and personality while also dealing with other common garage floor issues.

Because concrete is porous, moisture can be a common problem with garage slabs. You set that cardboard box down and the next day when you pick it up there is a damp spot on the floor and the bottom of the box is soft. Or your floor has a white chalky film on the surface that is getting tracked around and into the house. This ‘efflorescence’ is the calcium and salt that is dissolved by water passing through the concrete and is left behind as moisture coming to the surface evaporates. In any case, there are several products that can be professionally installed to help eliminate moisture issues and still allow a decorative coating to be installed without problems.

Another popular advantage of coating your garage floor is cleanup. The right coating will make for easier cleanup of dirt and debris being tracked into the garage on vehicle tires, by foot, or being blown in by the wind. It will eliminate the dust that is created as the surface of the concrete wears, preventing it from being tracked into your house, keeping your house cleaner, while helping to protect your interior flooring surfaces. Depending on the choice of products, the garage floor coating can also resist chemical spills, and make things like gas and oil wipe up with a towel.

Are you tired of ants making their home every year in the crack in the middle of your garage floor? Most garage floor coatings can be installed to cover over cracks or surface spalling resulting in a seamless finish. Slip resistance can be added to the sealer to keep it safe when it is wet out.

So if you’ve been thinking about upgrading your garage and are considering a floor coating, give us a call and we can find something that suits your personality and your needs.