Of all the recent additions to the broad spectrum of decorative concrete coatings, metallic epoxies are on a meteoric rise in popularity like no other.  Offering the durability of industrial type epoxy coatings with the richness, beauty, and uniqueness of chemically stained or dyed concrete, it’s no wonder.   Garage enthusiasts looking for an extremely durable floor no longer have to sacrifice beauty to get it.  With a wide variety of colors available and all kinds of finishing effects these are truly one of a kind artistic floors.

Designer Epoxy Kitchen Floor
Designer Metallic Epoxy Kitchen Floor

Metallic flakes are added to a 100% solids epoxy and remain suspended as the product cures out.  They can be installed on a variety of substrates with great adhesion.  Multiple colors can be blended for beautiful flowing transitions and dispersants can be applied to the surface for an even broader range of effects including a ‘hammered metal’ look.  A variety of topcoats can be used for added durability, UV stability, hot-tire resistance, as well as chemical resistance.  The floors even meet ADA, USDA, FDA and OSHA standards.

The Original Floor with Spray Paint Touch-Ups

Recently we met with the owner of a condo whose dyed concrete floor had blotchy spots all over the place.  When the clients masked in order to paint, everywhere they stuck painter’s tape to the floor, pulled up both the stain and the sealer leaving bare concrete spots. The builder sent someone out to repair it, and their fix for the bare spots was spray paint!!!  The clients were not happy at all.  While they liked the idea of stained or dyed concrete as it fit with their modern décor, they were hesitant due to the problems they encountered the first go around.

We showed them some pictures of designer metallic epoxy floors and immediately they knew that was what they wanted.  Because we were looking at doing the entire condo floor which consisted of everything other than the master bedroom, we scheduled for a week when the clients were planning on vacationing.  In the last few days before they left, everything they weren’t taking with them got piled in the master bedroom.

Designer Epoxy Flooring in a Bathroom
The Finished Designer Epoxy Bathroom Floor

Shot blasting removed the failed coating and then we put down an epoxy moisture barrier.  In our samples we had toyed with a mix of EliteCrete’s Reflector Enhancer Titanium metallic flakes that was somewhat translucent with Gunmetal accents.  It seemed to offer a cool effect on the sample and the clients liked it.  We used the same ratio in larger mixes and finished the condo floor and applied a urethane top-coat.

At an angle you see lighter translucent spots showing some of the gray brown of the concrete substrate, but when looking directly down on the floor, all you see is the silvery Titanium color.  It was an effect that came out better than we had anticipated.  I think the end result speaks for itself.

Metallic epoxies are perfect for showrooms, art galleries, schools, commercial floors, clean rooms, restaurants, hotels and casinos, residential living spaces, and almost any other floor where a one of a kind unique look is desired.  Contact us today for more information on metallic epoxies or any of our other great products.

The Main Room Floor Reflecting Overhead Lights