With finishing an unfinished basement, ranking just a tad behind kitchen and bath remodels, for the best return on your remodel dollars, many people are trying to finishing their downstairs and gain that much needed extra space.  In the midst of all the other choices for such a project, choosing the right flooring type is a crucial design element that’s impact is often overlooked when considering the overall feel of the completed space.  The sheer volume of color can make a dramatic difference in the feel of a room.

Man Cave with Sealed Concrete Floors
Sealed Concrete Floors in a Basement Man Cave

Advances in concrete coating products make concrete a viable flooring choice that is cost effective, and often the same price or even cheaper than many of the more common flooring choices.  Its popularity is on the rise and more and more people are choosing to forgo the traditional choices, and are opting for something they can customize to their exact taste.  Chemical stains, dyes, colored overlays, stamping, engraving, stencils and micro-toppings offer and almost endless pallet of color and texture to fit your exact needs.

Most basements have a concrete floor already.  Why buy material to cover what is already there, when it can be enhanced to become an integral part of the room?  Consider the depth of a chemically stained floor or metallic epoxy.  That’s a design element that is difficult to achieve with carpet or tile.  If allergies are an issue or you are concerned about carpet holding up in high traffic areas, utilizing the existing concrete floor might be a perfect choice to achieve a healthy, durable floor that becomes a design element that doesn’t just blend into the room, but actually makes the room.