Repairing Faded Color in Stamped Concrete

Now that the temperatures here in the Northwest are finally rising, and the torrential rains (and even snow) we saw this last April and May are giving way to warmer temperatures, and people are spending more and more time outdoors. Along with the scramble to find sunglasses that haven’t been used in nine months, there will be the desire to maximize the few nice days before Fall and the rain return.

If you have a stamped concrete patio, walkway, or driveways, that means having to look at the dirt and grime left behind from winter.  For some, a simple pressure wash will liven things right up and get that surface looking great again.  For others, the years may have taken a toll on that surface and what was once a decorative piece art in the landscape, is now faded with uneven color, surface wear, and is just plain ugly.  If that describes your stamped concrete, you may be a prime candidate for a spray-on concrete overlay.

Faded Stamped Concrete Driveway

For years there was no good fix for worn, faded, stamped concrete that had lost its color.  One of the most dramatic advances in concrete overlay technology, was the invention of the spray on overlay:  a polymer modified concrete that is sprayed on through use of a special pump and spray gun.  This thin layer of concrete can be mixed with an integral color and antiqued to completely renew or even change the color of existing stamped concrete.  It achieves a tenacious bond with a properly prepared surface, and renews the color while maintaining all the original texture of the stamping.  Cracks, gouges and chips can be repaired ahead of time to make the surface truly look like new again.

Spraying a Resurfacer on Stamped Concrete

The best part about a spray-on overlay, is that the product is concrete.  It is going to look like new stamped concrete, wear like new stamped concrete, and be just as durable as new stamped concrete.   Even the recommended maintenance is the same as new stamped concrete.  Even experienced concrete pros will have trouble telling the difference.   For tips on maintenance for your decorative concrete, you can check out this past blog post: .

Spray-on concrete overlays require precise surface preparation, very specific products and machines to apply them, all of which are a bit pricey.  This isn’t really a do-it-yourself type project.  If you have been searching for a way to make that investment you made in stamped concrete withstand the test of time, or even if you are simply looking to paint your house and change the color scheme, and have been wondering what to do to get that stamped concrete patio to match, a spray-on concrete overlay might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Spray-On Resurfacer to Change the Color of a Faded Driveway

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