Is Your Flooring Helping You Build Your Business Brand?

Metallic Epoxy School Hall with Embedded Logo
Designer Metallic Epoxy School Hall with Embedded Logo

Just about anybody who knows anything about marketing will tell you that branding is incredibly important. It is difficult to create a successful business of any type without developing your brand. So whether you are remodeling or establishing your business space for the first time, keep your brand in mind. One of the great things about decorative concrete coatings or designer epoxy flooring is that they are both highly customizable. You can modify these coatings to match your colors or tie in with your theme in ways that were never possible with traditional flooring choices.

This Floor was Customized with Metallic

Pigments to Match the Decor!

A while back, we did a concrete micro-topping floor for a new fish and chips restaurant. The floor was integrally colored and hand troweled to look like sand. Try doing that with carpet or tile. We also did a designer metallic epoxy floor for a new yogurt shop using colors that went perfectly with the wall tile and stainless steel equipment building on the owners color scheme.  A local chocolate shop and wine bar got a designer floor done in a rich brown color to go with the chocolate they painted running down the walls.

This Floor was Colored and Troweled to Look Like Sand

Another great option for branding is the use of logos in the floor. Most designer epoxies or decorative concrete coatings have sealers that will allow a logo to be embedded in the floor. You have a logo for a reason. Why not build your brand by getting that logo directly in front of people? And if you have a beautiful decorative floor that is part of your brand, then drawing more attention to it with an embedded logo certainly won’t hurt. Most high resolution graphic can be printed on a suitable material to embed in a floor. Do you have a company slogan as well? Why not work it into the floor as well?

Designer Floor in Chocolate Colors for a
Chocolate Shop and Wine Bar

On concrete floors, colored micro-toppings can be used in conjunction with stencils to keep things more organic looking or stains and dyes can add color while keeping the concrete feel.

Whatever your business brand, decorative concrete coatings can be customized to build on it. Isn’t it time your flooring helped you build your business and your brand?

For more information on customizing your flooring to your business give us a call to see how we can help. (425) 586-0706.

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