How to Get a Good Deal on Your Garage Floor Coating

The temperatures have dropped and it seems winter is here. Are you planning on staying home for the next three to four months and not working? Unless, you are unemployed, the answer is probably no. And while cold temperatures in the past have prevented many types of concrete coating projects from being done in the winter, new product innovations have made it possible for many of these projects to now be done year round despite temperatures. Garage floor coatings are one of these types of projects and most installers aren’t taking the entire winter off.

Having a garage floor coating installed has become a very popular home upgrade. The popularity has fueled the fire for manufacturers to develop better products. Cold weather epoxies and polyaspartic coatings are both somewhat new entries in the concrete coatings field, and both allow garage floor coating projects to now be done in the winter months. While most cold weather epoxies can be applied in temperatures as low as 35 – 40 degrees, polyaspartic coatings offer an even broader temperature spectrum that can dip as low as -30 degrees! You might have a hard time finding an installer willing to brave sub-zero temperatures to do your garage floor, but most winter climates would pose no problems for a professional installer.

Like any home improvement project, the quality of the materials and the budget are two main concerns. Because cold weather epoxies and polyaspartics are a more specialized product, they are typically going to be better quality and cost more than the ‘off the box store shelf’ type product.. Polyaspartics have fast become the Cadillac of the concrete coatings line, with their superior bonding, extreme durability, fast cure times, and of course, higher price tag. Scheduling your project in the winter months when demand for home improvement projects isn’t as quite as high, can be a good way to offset the price of higher quality products, while sticking to your budget. As an added bonus, the faster cure times of these products may even allow your project to be completed in a shorter time frame.

If you are really looking for a deal, see if your installer would offer a discount for scheduling over the holidays when most people aren’t considering anything to do with home improvement, then apply that discount to a decorative border, stencil, logo, or pattern to really customize your garage floor and make it pop. It could even be a great Christmas gift, although keeping it a surprise might be a challenge.

We would like to hear from you. Let us know if you would ever consider a garage floor coating install over the holidays?

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