Micro-toppings,  also referred to as concrete overlays or skim coats, are polymerized, dual component, protective concrete coatings.  They can be applied on a wide variety of substrates, including tile, brick, wood, metal and of course, concrete. The addition of polymer resins to the cement and aggregate greatly increases performance over conventional concrete.  This allows for thinner applications, increased flexibility and a higher resistance to cracking. 

Micro-toppings were created for use as a thin surface restoration material for concrete substrates.  They were first introduced in the early 80s. In the years since, they have become the industry standard for durable resurfacing solutions without the need for costly and continuous repairs associated with deteriorating concrete.

These coatings can be applied with many different tools and varying techniques to yield a wide variety of looks.  Typical applications would be with a trowel, roller, spray gun, brush or squeegee. Coatings usually range in thickness from 1/64” to 3/16”.  

The mixes themselves come with different size aggregates.  Applications usually start with a coarse aggregate and then are coated again with a finer aggregate.  Two or three coats are required. Micro-toppings can be colored integrally, with subsequent coats adjusted slightly to yield surface variations. They are also available in white, making them idea for stains and dyes.  The lighter base provides a much wider color pallet than could ever be achieve going over gray concrete.

Micro-toppings can be used to achieve a layered fresco look, a hard troweled finish, and even the beauty of a Venetian plaster, without the expense and mess of demolition.  These hand crafted floors are each of unique design reflecting the skill of the artisan installer.

Exterior applications are resistant to damage from salt, petrochemicals, UV exposure, harsh weather conditions and wear from vehicle traffic.

Different sealers and top coats are available allowing high gloss, satin, and matte finishes.  Breathable sealers are also available for a coating that will allow moisture and water vapor to escape reducing the chance of delamination and the potential for corrosion to occur on structural steel components.

Typical applications include retail stores, studio spaces, basements, garages, or anywhere an unsightly or damaged concrete surface needs a new look without replacement.

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