Best Floor Coating for an Auto Spray Booth

A local auto repair shop installed a new state of the art spray booth in their shop. They were looking for a flooring solution.  The existing concrete was dirty, had some saw cuts and holes that would hold dirt and make it impossible to clean.  Since the quality of the sprayed finish is really dependent on the quality of the working environment, (the whole point of a spray booth) they were looking for a seamless option that would reflect light, be easy to clean, and would hold up to chemicals and solvents that would be present in the painting process. They also needed a surface that could withstand the 150 degree heat used to bake the freshly painted cars.

Original Concrete Floor in New Spray Booth
Original Concrete Floor in New Spray Booth

We ground the concrete to remove the paint and contaminates on the surfaces. This also created a good profile for our epoxy to bond to.  We repaired all the seams with a flexible epoxy filler and patched all the surface divots.  We installed a water based epoxy primer. This seals the surface and helps prevent any issues from low levels of moisture vapor passing through the concrete.  The primer also prevent out-gassing, which can cause bubbles and craters in a high build 100% solids epoxy coat.  We put down a pigmented white 100% solids epoxy mixed with cellulose to add to the durability.  This was installed at 38 mils to help with durability. It also helped getting full coverage with white material.  We top coated with a high performance urethane pigmented white. This would provide the chemical resistance to withstand the use of solvents.

Prepped, Primed, and Ready for Epoxy Coat

The end result is a seamless surface that will be easy to clean both before and after painting, ensuring a clean environment for spraying.  The white floor reflects lights and gives the person spraying great visibility.  At over 40 mils, the primer, epoxy and cellulose, and urethane make the finished floor extremely durable and able to handle the harsh environment of a commercial auto body repair facility.

The Completed 100% Solids White Epoxy Floor

If you have a specific flooring need and are looking for a customized solution or would like more information on this or any of our other services, feel free to  contact us and one of our team members can customize a solution for you.

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