Stamped Concrete Overlay
A Decorative Solution for Existing Surfaces

One of the most unique of our products is our Stamped Overlay. It can be applied over your existing concrete, then stamped in a variety of textures, designs and patterns using custom made stamps. With this product, we can achieve the same beauty, elegance, and natural appearance of traditional stamped concrete without the need for removal and replacement.

The unique composition and installation process of our Stamped Overlay allows it to be installed indoors over sound wood sub-floors where it was previously impossible to install stamped concrete. Now it is a viable, innovative alternative to conventional flooring products, that is both extremely durable and cost effective.

Stamped concrete overlays are typically used for driveways, pool decks, patios, walkways, restaurants, retail stores, shopping centers, courtyards, entrances and exits, showrooms and theme parks.

Damaged Exposed Aggregate Front Porch Before Overlay   Stamped Overlay on Exposed Aggregate Front Porch   

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