Spray-On Overlay
Cement that is sprayed on like paint!

Our Spray-On Concrete Overlay is a revolutionary polymer-modified cement designed for spraying over concrete and other surfaces like a thin coat of paint.

Our Spray-On Overlay provides the first truly effective way to change the color of existing stamped concrete without altering the texture of the surface. It can be used to restore old, stained, concrete or to change the color of stamped concrete to a 'like new' decorative finish. Our Spray-On Overlay bonds with the existing surface and once dry, looks similar to a professionally finished color hardener or an integral colored concrete job. Even the most experienced concrete finisher will have difficulty telling the difference.

Spray-On Overlays can be applied over decorative Modello patterns and designs to create beautiful borders, tiles and medallions on concrete floors and other surfaces. Available in 30 standard colors and many custom colors. Think of the possibilities!

Bistro Patio Resurfaced with Spray-On Overlay

Botched Stamped Driveway Job with Uneven Pink Coloring.

Bistro Patio Resurfaced with Spray-On Overlay

Uneven Stamped Color Being Sprayed Over with Stone Gray Spray-On Concrete Resurfacer.

Bistro Patio Resurfaced with Spray-On Overlay

Newly Resurfaced Stone Gray Stamped Concrete Driveway Antiqued and Sealed.

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