Broom Finish Overlay
A Cost Effect Repair for Concrete

Most city sidewalks and commercial strip malls have a broom finish because it is so cost effective. However, much of this concrete is stained, cracked, weathered, or in general just plain unsightly.

Seattle Surfaces offers a VERY cost effect way of resurfacing these walkways, driveways, parking lots, or pedestrian bridges. For new concrete surfaces that have been damaged, it is an economical way to repair the surface and make it look new again. Our broom finish polymer concrete overlay gives you the look of new broom finished concrete at a 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of replacement, not to mention, without the hassles, jackhammer noise, or extended dry time of freshly poured concrete.

Integral color can be added for a completely new look, or it can be applied in a natural concrete color. We can add decorative borders as well. Our broom finish also helps protect your concrete from damaging freeze-thaw cycles as well as salt damage. We apply a sealer for extra resistance to dirt, oil, tire marks, and other contaminants.

Damaged Commercial Sidewalk Before Overlay  Broom Finish Overlay on Commercial Sidewalk

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